Vibrant Vented Oil Catch Can

Finally a catch can with features that I found to be important as a Honda owner.  I've been in the industry since 2000, I remember there was not really any catch can on the market with features that should have been a standard. Most of the options we had back in the early 2000s were either cheap aluminum cans on Ebay that has a filter on top and no baffled internal, or catch can that has baffled internal, but no filter ventilation on top.  Fittings on those catch can were usually the cheap push on style fittings that you push a rubber hose, clamp it and bam you are done.  The oil level indicators are usually clear plastic tubes on the side of the catch can that get so dirty overtime that you wouldn't be able to read the oil level after 6 months or less. 

Vibrant had really put in their effort in designing this catch can.  They had made the internal baffled, and instead of using an external breather filter on top for ventilation, they had made a washable flush mount filter, so that they are able to make the catch can taller by not having to waste space for a external breather filter.  Next to the vent there are two male -10 AN fittings for AN hose end connections. Instead of using a clear tube for oil indicator, they integrated a dip stick in between the two AN fitting for checking your oil level in the can.  Under the removable top, its a clock-able mounting bracket, that allow you to clock the catch can to a position that suits your setup.

Flush mounted vent filter, -10 AN fittings on top with oil dip stick in between.  

Baffled internal

Rotate-able mounting bracket

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Mar 9th 2017 F.L.

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