Wekfest 2016, Palm Beach, Florida

Car shows have come and gone over the years, especially the big shows that attracts a lot of traveler from out of state. One example would be the Nopi National, which is the one show that we always wanted to attend, but never had a chance to due to our busy work life. There are only a handful of car shows left that are organized at a national level. One of the few that are still going strong being "Wekfest".

Most of you probably have heard of Wekfest, but if you have not, here is a little intro for you. Wekfest was originated in Northern California, it is one of few premium car show that is still going strong. It is packed with mostly Japanese/European Imports, with a small crowd of domestic vehicles involved. It started out in Northern California, and now it has reached all the way to Florida since 2014.

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend at this year's Wekfest. We had signed up to be a vendor at the show to show off products that we carry. The setup time for vendors was between 7-8am, as we were waiting in line, it started to rain, luckily it was an indoor show.  The turn out was very good, lots of cars from outside Florida.  Cars that are so clean that we did not think it was possible to have a car that clean.   Hopefully we get to attend more shows in the near future. 

Shout out to those who came to the show represented us.  Sean, Aisha, M.Kish, Roshand, Ahkiem, and anyone else who I have forgotten. 

We are sort of late to post these pictures due to our busy shop schedule.   But here they are.

Note: Because we had to stay put at our booth most of the day, we were not able to shoot as many photo as we wanted to.  

Photo Credit: M.Kish

Aisha's clean orange boosted EK Hatcback!

The ultra rare J-Blood front bumper

Engine bay so clean that you can eat and sleep on it.  (while engine its cool)

Representing Velocityshop.com 

Roshand a.k.a Driver's latest built,JDM Front K-Integra (OG die hard Honda Guy)

This clean CRX filled with Hybrid Racing Goodies 

We wish we were driving our kids to soccer games in style too!

Domestic love at Wekfest!

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow,...............

When was the last time you saw an EF sedan this clean, let alone seeing any EF Sedans. 

Hardrace Suspension Arms .  

Hardrace Front Lower Arms for 2008-2012 Accord

Aisha's car in grid view =) 

Lug nuts, lug nuts!! Who does not like color tuner lugs?

Shift knobs are like jewels for interior.

Feb 28th 2017 F.L.

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