Energy Hyper Flex master Bushing Kit for 02 03 04 05 06 WRX black 19.18101G

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Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex Kit 02-06 Subaru Impreza & WRX Part #: 19.18101G (BLACK) Increased road feel, and performance. INCLUDES: Front Control Arm Bushings Rear Trailing Arm Bushings Front Sway Bar Bushings Rear Sway Bar Bushings Manual Transmission Shifter Bushings Hyperflex is Energy's new, unique and technically advanced chemical formulation for our polyurethane. It's the newest generation of polyurethane that's thoroughly performance tested and race proven. Polyurethane products are available in colors: black only. Original equipment rubber bushings can typically give a wandering/uncertain feeling to the vehicle's driver. The vast majority of new factory vehicles are built with "mushy" rubber bushings or grommets, which are a built-in and overly soft buffer between all the suspension components. The result is that the suspension components are thus allowed to "float" excessively. To some this makes the vehicle's ride appealing- those who don't care about a higher level of controlled driving and unfortunately don't even know about Hyperflex performance polyurethane and longevity... yet! Energy Suspension products are made with the focus on both performance gains and bushing/grommet longevity. As a result, Hyperflex polyurethane products deliver a longer lasting firming-up effect of the vehicle's suspension components. As a result, the vehicle is a pleasure to drive. Additionally, the correct durometer (not too hard or soft) is carefully selected for the specific application for each component made available. This master sets includes: front control arm bushings, front and rear sway bar bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, manual transmission shifter bushings.
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