Equal Daikin Clutch Slave Cylinder 02-04 RSX, 02-05 Civic Si, 03-07 Accord, 04-08 TSX

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Equal Daikin Clutch Slave Cylinder

02-04 RSX Type S (will not work on 05-06 Type S)

02-04 RSX Base

02-05 Civic Si

03-07 Accord

04-08 TSX

Equal Clutch Slave Cylinder by Exedy Daikin features hydraulic cylinder that is honed and monitored under highest quality control standards.
Anodizing plating of cylinder bodies strengthens surface and ensure smooth operation of the piston, and resists to corrosion.
Features Heat resistant and extended life Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM) seals to prevent leakage.
Quick response design reacts to driver's clutch and brake pedal input.
Exedy Daikin was founded in 1923 and is the largest clutch manufacturer in Japan, and are known for supplying quality powertrain products around the globe.
They supply clutches to all the big name vehicle manufacturers in Japan as well as 20 other vehicle manufacturers around world.

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