K-Tuned Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter 1/8 BSRP to 1/8 NPT

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Application: Honda 1/8 BSPT Thread.

The oil pressure sensor adapter is must have when adding additional oil sensors or wanting to easily add a feed line.

Most aftermarket oil pressure sensor are 1/8 NPT thread, but most Honda Acura Block uses BSPT thread instead of NPT thread.

K-Tuned had realized that there isn't much option for 1/8 BSPT to 1/8 NPT adapter, so they had designed an adapter with 1/8 BSPT male thread that will thread into Honda Acura blocks, with 3 x 1/8 NPT female threaded port and 1 x 1/8 BSPT female port.
The 3 x 1/8 NPT ports allows you to thread in oil pressure or oil temp gauge sensor with 1/8 npt thread in different directions. The 1/8 BSPT female port on top of the adapter allows you to thread in your factory oil pressure sensor.

To top it off, they also designed this unit as a two piece design with a jam nut to provide additional support. Most other adapters on the market does not have this feature, which is why it runs in to risk where the adapter break off, and part of it ending getting stuck in the block, due to the addition

The two piece design also uses double o-ring seal to prevent any chance of leaks. The jam nut will provide additional support which is necessary when moving the sensor or adding additional sensors further from the block. The kit includes extra o-rings, teflon tape, and two 1/8NPT plugs.

Note: It is recommended to use teflon tape on all tappered threads (NPT and BSPT)

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