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Blox Racing K-Series Oil Pan Baffle K20A2 (RSX Type S)


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SKU BXPT-10505
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During hard driving and prolonged cornering, the K-series engine is highly prone to oil starvation due to oil sloshing away from the pick-up.  One of the simplest and most cost effective methods to prevent this from happening is with the BLOX Racing bolt-on oil pan baffle.

The oil baffle easily bolts on to the factory windage tray and sits neatly inside the oil pan.  The baffle is designed to create three sections in the pan that helps maintain oil volume in the center section where it is needed to most; at the pick-up.  With continuous oil pick-up, critical engine lubrication is maintained.

The oil pan baffle is manufactured using 16-gauge aluminum and features stainless steel rivets. The baffle is bolt-on and is easy to install.


2002-2006 RSX Type S

or K24 Engine with the RSX Type S Oil Pump setup.