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K-Tuned Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir for EG EK DC CMC

by K-Tuned
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Appliction: EG/DC2/EK CMC

You no longer need to use S2000 CMC and adapter to have the reservoir mounted directly on your master.

The K-Tuned Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir for EG EK DC CMC mounts directly on your clutch master cylinder, you no longer need to use a rubber hose and remote mounted reservoir.

Features a custom fitting and double seal, the K-Tuned reservoir is mounted right to the CMC similar to the S2000 style.

Machined from 6061 aluminum it offers the same volume as OEM.

The double o-ring seal ensures no chance of leak.

The diaphragm allows fluid movement without letting air interact with brake fluid.

This is crucial as brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs water from the air) which can cause premature clutch fatigue and overheating. This can be changed without re-bleeding clutch system.

First, place an absorbent towel or cloth below the CMC. You do not want brake fluid to come in contact with any paint as brake fluids are corrosive and can eat away your paint.

Remove the clamp on the hose at the master cylinder.

Pinch the line as close to the master as possible. This will hold most fluid inside the line and stock reservoir. There will be a small amount of fluid inside the fitting and line that will leak.

Be ready for it before you remove the hose. Once the hose is removed you can next remove the fitting on the master.

Place a small amount of lube/oil on the o-rings before installing. You want to first press the fitting into the bottom of the reservoir. This can be done using a 12mm socket and extension.

Use a small amount of loctite or similar thread locker on threads of fitting and install the reservoir into the master. Once finished you can slowly fill the reservoir with new brake fluid.

Test the clutch pedal to make sure it still feels the same and no air was introduced into the system