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K-Tuned Quick Release Hood Hinges 92-95 Civic EG

K-Tuned Quick Release Hood Hinges 92-95 Civic EG

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Many enthusiast remove their hood at the track or car show, it require two people, one holding the hood, while the other with a ratchet trying not to damage anything.

K-Tuned had acknowledged it and designed this quick release hood hinge kit to allow the hood to be removed by one person quickly without tools. Once the hood is lifted past 75 degrees you can lift it right off. Below that the hood is held securely. There is a locking pin on all hinges. This is used to install the hinges. Once they are installed you can remove the pin.

Made of 6061 aluminum and hard anodized to ensure long life. 
Install one hinge at a time. This will make it more manageable without trying to line up the hood. Get alignment and everything perfect making sure the hinge doesn't contact anything. Once you finish the one side go to the other side. Once both installed and everything moves smoothly you can remove the lock pin. 
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