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Mishimoto Universal Cross Flow Bar and Plate Oil Cooler | MMOC-SP-LSL


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Part Number: MMOC-SP-LSL

Mishimoto Universal Cross Flow Bar and Plate Oil Cooler

As anyone who?s spent some time on the track will tell you, one of the most important things to keep under control while pushing the limits of your vehicle is oil temperature. Oil that gets too hot will lose its viscosity, which is the very characteristic that makes it thick, slippery, and useful for lubrication. Adding a Mishimoto race oil cooler to your ride will ensure that your oil stays cool enough to do its job, extending the life of the high-wear components within your block and letting you focus not on keeping things cool, but taking home the checkered flag. Available in your choice of sleek silver or stealth black, this particular oil cooler features a single pass core ? oil enters one side and exits the other. Sized for maximum cooling power, Mishimoto?s large single pass oil cooler will help keep temperatures in check while you shoot for the podium finish.

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm