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Radium Engineering Direct Mount DMR Regulator 8AN ORB - Black | 20-0623-00


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SKU RAD-20-0623-00
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Part Number: 20-0623-00

The Radium Engineering Direct Mount Regulator is a compact adjustable fuel pressure regulator that can be directly mount to a compatible fuel rail port by using the included 360 degree swivel adapter.  It can also be mounted remotely using their adapter kit 20-0624

The compact size of this fuel pressure regulator makes it very easy for mounting, because it does not take up as much room as most fuel pressure regulator on the market. 

The fuel pressure can be adjusted by dialing in using the preloaded set screw on top of the regulator. 

Here are some of the features of this regulator.

Swivel inlet adapter fitting for direct fuel rail mounting for fuel rail with 8AN ORB Port.

PTFE impregenated 1/8 NPT Plug x 2

6 AN 90 degree fitting (for fuel return) x 1

Return Orifices pre-installed (Silver orifice)

Includes two interchangeable orifices with calculated flow diameters to match the fuel pump flow to the regulator, which allows this regulator to be used with just about any horsepower engine.  The precision of these Orifices will resist diaphragm flutter, and help optimize pressure stability.

Compatible with gasoline and ethanol blends of fuel.

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

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