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Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump Kit 92-00 Civic 94-01 Integra S2000 RSX

by Walbro
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Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump with installation kit

This Walbro GSS342 with installation kit fits the following:

92-00 Civic: 1992 Civic, 1993 Civic, 1994 Civic, 1995 Civic, 1996 Civic, 1997 Civic, 1998 Civic, 1999 Civic, 2000 Civic

94-01 Integra: 1994 Integra, 1995 Integra, 1996 Integra, 1997 Integra, 1998 Integra, 1999 Integra, 2000 Integra, 2001 Integra

93-97 Del Sol: 1993 del Sol, 1994 del Sol, 1995 del Sol, 1996 del Sol. 1997 del Sol

S2000: AP1 S2000, AP2 S2000

02-06 RSX: 2002 RSX, 2003 RSX, 2004 RSX, 2005 RSX, 2006 RSX

02-05 Civic Si: 2002 Civic, Si, 2003 Civic Si, 2004 Civic Si, 2005 Civic Si

Fuel Pump Part Number: GSS342

Installation Kit Part Number: 400-846

Fuel Pump descriptions

This GSS342 Walbro high output in-tank electric fuel pump has a flow ratings of 255 liters of fuel per hour. This high flow pump significantly more fuel at higher pressure than standard-pressure versions.  At 80 PSI the standard 255 lph pump will flow around 132 liters (35 gallons) per hour. At that same 80 PSI the equivalent HP (high pressure) fuel pump will flow over 210 liters (50 gallons) per hour.

This Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pump was designed to fit existing hanger assemblies, without modification. 

Walbro History

Walbro Corporation was founded by Walter E. Walpole in November 1950, it is a manufacturing company that specializes in small engine carburetion and supplier of auto parts. Walbro carburetors are commonly used on lawn equipment.   Walbro also specialize products in the automotive world of fuel injection, being used by tuners, such as the Walbro Fuel Pumps, Walbro is known for their 255LPH fuel pumps. 

Around the year 2000, TI Automotive purchased Walbro's automotive fuel pump division, they are the actual manufacturer of all Walbro branded automotive fuel pumps and fuel delivery modules.