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TPS Sensor Plug Male Connector Pigtails for Honda K-Series (1pc)


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1 pc set

Honda K-Series TPS Sensor Pigtails Plug Connector (Male End). 
This connector has the same exact male end found on Honda K-Series TPS Sensor
This plug connector will NOT plug into your K-Series TPS sensor

This plug connector is for making custom TPS Harness, this plug connector will mate with your K-Series TPS plug on your engine harness, it is for those who needs that particular end to make a custom TPS sensor jumper harness while using 
a TPS sensor from a different vehicle, such as Ford 5.0 TPS or Honda B-Series TPS

Wire length: 5.9"

Pigtails connector for making custom harness, or to repair your damaged connectors.

Professional installation is recommended