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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Conversion Wiring Harness (96-98 Civic)

Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Conversion Wiring Harness (96-98 Civic)

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For 96-98 Civic 

The K-Swap harness interfaces with your factory dash harness, your OEM K-Series engine harness and your K-Series ECU allowing for a simple plug and play K-Swap.

The Hybrid Racing Conversion Harness allows for full functionality of the factory gauge cluster and comes with full replacement warranty. Other companies will have you send in parts of your stock harness wasting time and money in shipping. 

What engine harness does the Hybrid Racing conversion harness work with?

  • This harness works with all USDM / JDM 02-04 wiring harnesses including, K20A, K20A2, K20A3.
  • This harness is wired to use the factory wideband O2 sensor so European customers using the UKDM K20A/K20A2 wiring harness will need to convert the harness to use the narrowband type sensor.
  • This harness does NOT work with any 05-06 OR K24 engine wiring harnesses.

What type of connectors and pins do you use?

Hybrid Racing harness utilize brand new connectors, terminals and wire sourced from the same company that Honda utilizes for their connectors. These connectors are ordered in bulk from Japan and ensure that you get all new parts. In addition, all new connectors decrease the chance for errors in the harness as none of the joints are soldered. Every harness is machine made and human checked so they are issue free.

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