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K-Tuned Steel Oil Pan w/ Bolts and Drain Plug RSX K20A K20A2 K20Z1

K-Tuned Steel Oil Pan w/ Bolts and Drain Plug RSX K20A K20A2 K20Z1

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The K-Tuned Oil Pan is a direct replacement for all K20A, K20A2 and K20Z1 engines.  It will also work other K series engine that is using a RSX Type-S oil pump.  Please inquire with us before ordering if you are uncertain about fitment.

If you vehicle is lowered and have a K-Series engine long enough, chances are you have seen a broken oil pan or two. Part of the problem is that a K20A, A2 or Z1 engine mounted in a K-swapped car (EG/DC2/EK) sits approx. 3/4" lower when compared to the older B engine. The other problem is the oil pan on these engines is made of cast aluminum which does not hold up well if it is hit by something hard. The result is usually a crack or even worse, the pan shatters and takes off a piece of the block girdle with it.

The K-Tuned Steel Oil Pan is made with thick gauge powder coated steel which will more than likely to get dented if they get hit, rather than cracking like the aluminum pan (unless you hit something hard enough)

This kit includes oil pan, magnetic drain plug with K logo and a set of 16 bolts which are needed if installing on a K20A/A2 or Z1 engine. Most people forget or don't know that the original bolts for the aluminum pan are longer and will not work with the steel pan. 

To ensure the pan is sealed properly, we recommend using either Hondabond or Permatex Ultra Grey Sealer, part number 82194.


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