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Mishimoto Secondary Race Radiator Civic Type R FK8 2017-2020 | MMRAD-CTR-17S



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Part Number: MMRAD-CTR-17S

Mishimoto Secondary Race Radiator for the 2017-2020 Civic Type R is made for those who is looking to increase cooling capacity by adding a secondary radiator to your factory cooling system. 

Engine heat is one of the engine's worst enemy, so if you have heating issue or your stock cooling system isn't enough for what you are doing, this is the unit for you.  Its no secret that the stock cooling system can't always with stand the heat from a long period of aggressive driving, especially on the track, this is when this secondary radiator comes into play.  This secondary unit act as the helpful baby brother that you wish you had, it helps take off the work load off your overworked stock radiator, helps keep you on the track longer. 

Back by Mishimoto's lifetime warranty.

Made for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Civic Type R FK8

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm