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100-9910 | ARP Ultra Torque Lube 10 oz. Brush Top Bottle

100-9910 | ARP Ultra Torque Lube 10 oz. Brush Top Bottle

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Fastener Assembly Lubricant

ARP Ultra-Torque 1/2 pint/ 10 oz Bottle

A must have for installing ARP fasteners on every engine component!

The ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant is highly recommended when assembling your high performance engine with ARP fasteners. It is used to ensure that you will achieve the target torque specification ON THE FIRST TORQUE SEQUENCE.  

When you apply the ARP Ultra Torque Lubricant on the bolt or stud threads, the contact side of the bolt head, nut and washers it will get you within 5% of the required pre-load on the first installation. This will stay consistent with each subsequent cycle –  pre-assembly and final assembly.

Please note that when using ARP Ultra-Torque fastener Assembly Lubricant on ARP fastener, using the ARP recommended torque spec is required. 

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