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Blox OPEN ENDED LUG NUTS 7-SIDED TITANIUM 12X1.25 7-sided Forged Ti Lug Nut, 12x1.25 - Set of 20 Titanium

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SKU BXAC-00136
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These 7-sided lug nuts are forged from high quality titanium then machined to precise thread pitch specifications. The SepTi lug nuts are available in single-piece, set of 16 and set of 20 in 12x1.5 and 12x1.25 thread pitch patterns.  Each is then heat treated to provide its burnt appearance. BLOX Racing’s 7-sided lug nuts offer a unique shape, but more importantly, makes it more difficult for would-be thieves from stealing lugs – or worse – wheels. Special SepTi socket is included with lug nut sets.