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Blox Oil Filter Relocation Kit (Black)


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SKU BXGA-00115


The Blox Racing remote oil filter relocation kit is ideal for the performance enthusiast who wants to relocate the factory oil filter for easier access, ideal for for those engine with "really hard to get to" oil filter location, or someone who is building a monster LS/VTEC motor, or for custom turbocharged application and purposes. The BLOX Racing remote oil filter relocation kit comes complete, except for the oil lines and hose end. Users are encouraged to supply your own oil lines based on specific needs and length requirements.

BLOX Racing remote oil filter relocation kit is CNC-machined from billet aluminum and is superior to cast counterparts.

Universal design fits most popular vehicle.

Kit Includes

    1x Oil Filter Block-Off Adapter
    2x Block-Off Adapter Fittings (1x 20x1.5; 1x 3/4x16)
    1x Oil Filter Relocation Adapter (20x1.5)
    1x Oil Filter Fitting For Relocation Adapter
    1x Mounting Bracket, 4x Screws, 4x washers
    4x -10AN Fittings For Oil Lines
    2x 1/8” NPT Oil Sensor Plugs
    1x Oil Block-Off Adapter O-ring Gasket
    8x NPT Fittings O-ring Gaskets